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How exactly to get yourself a Colombia Marriage Visa – 2019 Update

How exactly to get yourself a Colombia Marriage Visa – 2019 Update

Colombia’s wedding visa is supposed for foreigners having a Colombian partner or permanent partner. The Colombia wedding visa is not too difficult to get with just a few papers needed.

The Colombia marriage/permanent partnership visa had previously been referred to as the TP-10 visa. This visa ended up being typically legitimate for 36 months. And after 3 years you became entitled to a resident (R) visa. Nevertheless, Colombia changed its Colombian visa guidelines, which went into influence on 15, 2017 december

Therefore, beginning on December 15, 2017, the Colombia marriage visa changed and become called a Migrant (M) visa of category 1 (an M-1 visa). The most important modification associated with the brand brand new marriage that is m-1 when compared to old TP-10 visa, is the fact that having a M-1 visa you might be eligible to submit an application for a resident visa after just 2 yrs.

Additionally, when you have a current TP-10 wedding visa, it does not switch to a M-1 wedding visa. Therefore, before you are eligible for a resident visa if you have a TP-10 visa you will need to wait for three years.

In addition, because of the new marriage that is m-1 you might be allowed to undertake any legal work activity in Colombia. That is like the past TP-10 visa. Additionally, with a M-1 visa in the event that you leave Colombia for over half a year consecutively without time for Colombia your visa loses its credibility like most other migrant visa. (altro…)