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04-11-2020/How to Play PS2 Games on PC or Mac

What to Know

  • Perform PS2 games on Both the Windows and macOS with an emulator, the BIOS from your PS2, and your old PS2 gamesConsole.

  • We favor PCSX2 to our Playstation emulator. Macs need a small workaround so consider the risks involved before you try it.

This article explains how to run PCSX2 on Windows and Mac so you’re able to play with PS2 games. Scroll to the bottom for info on how emulation functions and what you want to get started in case you are not sure.

It is possible to download PS2 BIOS games and files on the internet, but do so at your own risk. This tutorial assumes that you have a PS2 and PS2 games and wish to play your PC for the sake of convenience, better graphics, and other advantages.

There are a good deal of PlayStation emulators out there, but PCSX2 is generally accepted to be the very best PS2 emulator available. The images look a ton better than the original PS2 thanks to texture filtering and anti-aliasing, and it also comes with an integrated video recorder to record your gameplay in any moment.

Here’s how to play games on your Windows PC with PCSX2:

  1. Download the most recent stable release of PCSX2 for Windows from the official download page.

  2. Get the BIOS file from your PS2 console in case you have not already done so.

    If you don’t have your BIOS file, PCSX2 provides a tool and instructions on the best way to receive your BIOS file. You could also download a BIOS file on the world wide web, however there is no legal source to get a PS2 BIOS document apart from a PS2 you have yourself.

  3. Run the PCSX2 installer.

  4. Select Normal Setup to install the emulator on your Program Files directory, or Portable Installation to select your installation directory and click Next.

  5. Choose your install location in case you chose the portable installation option, and click on Install.

  6. Click Finish.

  7. Place your PS2 BIOS file into the PCSX2 1.6.0/ / bios folder.

    This folder will be in your Program Files directory , or at the custom location that you chose during step six.

  8. Select your desired language, or leave it as System Default, then click Next.

  9. Click Next.

    The majority of people may safely leave each one these options alone. If you find a mistake when proceeding, go back here, then click the top drop down menu, and select a different option. You are going to have between two and four options based on your CPU. Try out each option till you find one that works with your CPU.

  10. Click on your BIOS in the top box, then click End.

    If you don’t view your BIOS recorded, be sure you put it at the bios subfolder of your PCSX2 installation, then click Refresh list on this display.

  11. Click on CDVD > ISO Selector > Browse.

    You could even play PS2 games straight from the disk, but these directions assume you have ripped your matches to ISO documents on your PC.

  12. Locate the folder in which you save your games, pick the one which you want to playand click Open.

  13. Click on System > Load ISO (full) to begin your own game.

  14. Your match will start.

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The Way To Play PS2 Games For Your Mac With PCSX2

Playing PS2 games on a Mac is potential, but it’s harder due to an overall shortage of support. The macOS version of PCSX2 hasn’t been upgraded since 2012, and it just works on macOS Lion. If you are still using Lion for any reason, you may download the macOS version of PCSX2 and adhere to the identical basic instructions given to your Windows version to get this up and running.

For everybody else, you can try out this PCSX2 workaround supplied via this Github or this alternative PCSX2 workaround Github. These workarounds work on several Macs and don’t work on the others, and they can also break suddenly at any moment. Since they are provided free of charge by different members of the macOS community, there is no guarantee that they will work at any given time.

To use this workaround:

  1. Dmg file from either of those Github repositories which were provided above.

    Use Safari to download the file, or it will be given a quarantine tag and you’ll be unable to run it without requiring extra measures.

  2. Download PCSX2 in the official site.

    You will need to download the most recent stable Windows version, since PROM is only a custom WINE wrapper.

  3. dmg file

  4. If prompted that PROM wants to access your Downloads directory, click on OK.

  5. If prompted by the gatekeeper, allow the program to operate.

  6. Put your PS2 BIOS file in the pcsx2/bios directory.

  7. PCSX2 will start.

  8. When you complete the setup of PCSX2, then you will have the ability to mount and run game ISO files disks as explained in the Windows instructions beginning with step 12.

How Does Emulation Work?

The hardware on your computer is very different in the hardware in your PS2, and that means you can not simply stick a PS2 game in your DVD or even Blu-Ray drive and make it to do the job. To play PS2 games to your pc, you need a kind of software application that is commonly referred to as an emulator. The emulator uses applications to mimic the components on your PS2, letting you play many of your older PS2 games on your Windows PC or Mac.

To perform PS2 games with the emulator, you Will Need a few items:

  • An emulator
  • A computer capable of running emulator
  • The BIOS from your PS2
  • A Minumum of One PS2 game