01-09-2020/How to Write a Strong Essay or Research Paper

[Music] the novelist Louie Lama once said to start writing no matter what the water does not flow until the faucet is turned on in today’s video I will be walking you through my essay writing routine step by step real legit and true so get comfy get cozy and let’s begin number one rules to follow baseline set the first step in any essay writing routine should be to read the instructions provided by your professor and truly understand what elements in your paper he or she will be looking for because you can submit the best essay in the entire world but if you’ve missed the key point that you are being graded on you will inevitably get a poor mark in the end I highly recommend you highlight these key elements so that they stick out and you don’t run the risk of overlooking them make sure you know what type of essay you are expected to write is there a word count a street page limit and shoot your references B MLA APA etc etc once you have read and understood the instructions open a blank Word document and begin setting up your baseline this simply means creating a cover page inserting page numbers headers and footers and preparing your bibliography number two brainstorming the hunt begins in my opinion this is by far the hardest yet the most exciting part of writing an essay this is where you hunt for inspiration proven ideas for your paper my personal advice to you is to let your curiosity and personal interests guide you I highly recommend you do your research on peer-reviewed scientific and in other words legit databases and websites I usually go through my university library portal since it gives me free access to a lot of such resources my personal favorite websites are ProQuest ScienceDirect and Jase or but if you want something easy free and familiar Google Scholar is a lifesaver if you have never used it before I would like to show you four really cool things about it some articles you will not have full access to because the database or the scientific journal they are in it might require a paid subscription a way to know if you are indeed able to read or even download the full article is to look on the right if the link appears then you have a full article at your fingertips another great feature is the ability to select the year of publication as best practice I generally try to find articles that have been published within the last five years but this depends on what type of essay you are writing of course moving on if you particularly like an article and want to find more of the same simply click the button related articles and voila the work is done for you and finally to save you a lot of time if you do decide to use the article for your paper simply click the cite button under it and check this out incredibly helpful right number three the gathering after quickly going through a lot of potential contenders I select around 10 to 20 articles I want to read more in depth but how do you select them I usually rely on the abstract the introduction and discussion sections to determine whether or not elements of the article could be used for my paper some of the questions I ask myself in the process are can I quote from this article can it serve as inspiration or guide me in the direction I want my paper to go and finally can I use this article to back up my statements ideas and conclusions once I have all these articles downloaded I open them one by one I extract from each one the key points quotes and arguments that I find relevant for my paper simply copy and paste them in your word document and make sure you note down where you took these extracts from to avoid confusion or plagiarize once you write your paper now mind you your Word document will be a big ball of mess once you are done but I find this method extremely helpful because you’ll only have one thing open when you have to write your paper not like 30 billion tabs that you go back and forth from which honestly gives me a headache number 4 the writing process the second big phase of an essay writing routine is you guested actually writing the paper the first thing I do is read all my extracted passages and try to take the time to set up my skeleton or outline remember like I say in all my videos planning is not a waste of time I plan out the overall structure and flow of my paper before writing anything down the core topic I decided to focus on is depression and suicidality amongst university students I then divided my paper into prevalence associated factors and preventative initiatives and resources once your layout / skeleton is in place writing is so much easier as you have everything you need in front of you it simply becomes a question of filling in the blanks expressing yourself effectively and bringing everything together as you write your paper if you find yourself using passages quotes or statements from the articles you selected do not forget to cite them correctly and immediately fill out your bibliography plagiarism is not okay even if it’s done by accident so please take 5 minutes to read the article linked in the description box of this video that gives you helpful tips on how to avoid plagiarism on a different note a little secret tip I have for you when writing an essay is to try to incorporate in your paper some concepts keywords and theories you’ve learned in class teachers absolutely go a gag africas because you blatantly are showing them that not only were you attentive during their lectures but actually understood what they taught you and are able to actively apply the concepts correctly this is critical thinking this is creativity and innovation and this is worthy of an a-plus number five the things we tend to overlook if you’re writing your essay the night before it’s due or if you’ve been working on it for weeks and cannot for the life of you look at it again you might find yourself guilty of neglecting these two critical steps proofreading and styling your paper once you finish writing your essay I strongly encourage you to get a good night’s sleep and then come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes this will allow you to spot silly mistakes that when to close the project you might have overlooked asking a friend a sibling or your parents for feedback is also a great idea because second opinions are priceless and finally taking the time to make sure that your paper looks clean and professional can be the difference between an A and an a-plus be consistent in your fonts citation style and line spacing also do not submit most papers or coffee-stained anything really you wouldn’t show up to an interview in your PJs with ketchup on your shirt would you then use the same rule for your paper dress to impress so with that being said thank you so much for watching please don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to me if you like what you see because I post videos every Monday and Thursday bye guys stay curious [Music] you [Music]