CPM E 80-300



The CPME series, spiral mixer with removable bowl are the latest production for advanced performance and high expertise. Great results are achieved for bread dough, thanks to the excellent refining process and oxygenation. In addition, these spiral mixers can knead all types of yeast dough and baking mixtures . The motor that activates the spiral has been widely regulated, with a greater power supply, therefore it can function under the hardest situations. The rotation of the bowl is guaranteed by the friction wheels and works due to an independent transmission motor that allows the bowlan inverse rotation as well. It is possible to open and close the machine so the bowl can be pulled out thanks to a hydraulic system, with a large-sized piston and an independent staion. During the kneading procedure, it is blocked by a high-powered, reliable electromagnetic system. The control panel is located in a comfortable spot and is equipped with opening and closing switches, while the operative part is commanded by 2 timers with 1st and 2nd speed that can be programmed automatically. The electrical part is located in the same watertught box with an antidust pressurization system, that is very comfortable for eventual inspection and ordinay maintenance.
bowl – spiral – shaft in stainless steel
two speed on the spiral
bowl and spiral reverse control
bowl jugs button
electromechanical control panel with 2 timers: inversion of the bowl
electromagnetic hok for bowl
CE rules

It is a tipper for bowls on wheels of spiral mixers with removable bowl. It is characterized by an electro welded sturdy steel structure with slide guides and trolley similar to the best lifting systems of lift trucks. Therefore the main characteristics are total reliabilityand simplicity. The lifting and the unloading occur one after the other by the use of one powerfull hydraulic piston that, thanks to a double chain, makes the complete course. The lifter is produced in three versions according to the different discharge height: 1,3 mt., 1,9 mt. and 2,6 mt. Maximum lifting weight 400 kg.