Planetary Mixer

CPL 20

CPL 40 – 20

CPL 60

CPL 80


This line of planetary mixers with exceptional feature. With their outstanding speed ratio, they offer the best results in terms of quality when used for making emulsions, mixtures and dough for pastry-making and food preparations. The thousands of units we have produced testify to the reliable and long-Iasting performance of these machines. Our unique bel t variators offer a wide range of speeds between maximum and minimum while guaranteeing the highest low speed torque value. Thanks to their long-Iasting power supply and durable construction these machines stand up to rigorous professional use.
belt speed variator – 7 speeds
high and constant torque at all speeds
three-phase motor with three-phase input
stainless steel feet onfloor standing planetary mixers
standard equipment: spiral, blade and whisk
manual operation or with timer
Stainless steel , turning and removable grid 
CE rules , Certification   GOST (10, 20, 30)